About Us

The Varsity Jews is a Toronto-based a cappella choir that likes to make you smile! Our repertoire includes a wide variety of music, from traditional Hebrew folk to classic rock with an added Jewish flavour. We are bound by our love of music and our desire to incorporate Jewish music into community life.

Our mission is to provide our members with an avenue for cultural and artistic development, and a forum for social interaction within a Jewish environment, to provide audiences with entertainment and Jewish education, and to raise funds and support for various registered charitable organizations.

Who are the Varsity Jews?

Claire Hiscock
Mira Kates-Rose - Executive Director, Co Bookings Coordinator
Gabriela Russek - Co Bookings Coordinator
Tatum Shiff - General Manager

Audrey Amar - Henchmen (Member-at-Large)
Samantha Channing - Publicist
Cai Meiklejohn
Talia Penslar - Member at Large
Ariella Sibony - Publicist


Meryle Evans
Ronen Gaisiner
Jonah Lazar
David Shiff - Crony (Member-at-large)
Yonah Sienna - Co Artistic Director
Justin Troyka

Jordan Freedman - Treasurer
Omer Pasternak - Concert Coordinator
Adam Stutz
Liron Taub
Chris Tanaka-Mann - Co Artistic Director