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Upcoming Performances

Our annual fundraising for 2020, Chozen, was scheduled to take place on May 3rd, with all the proceeds going to Camp Ooch

Given the current pandemic situation, we had to postpone our concert until further notice, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to support Camp Ooch, who is still running their important camp programming, albeit online.

Please help share the Magic of Ooch with more kids this year by making a donation.

Thank you so much for your caring support!

"Camp Ooch gives kids affected by childood cancer the chance to just be kids"

Ooch is a year-round social support system for kids affected by childhood cancer and their families. Your donations will help us bring the healing power of fun, friendship and self-confidence to kids wherever they are in their cancer journey; from hospital beds and waiting rooms, to campfires and overnight canoe trips and more. 

Ooch changes the lives of over 1,600 kids affected by childhood cancer every single year, at no cost to their families. But almost 80% of kids with cancer in Ontario don’t have access to the wonders of camp.

Together, we can help change that. You generous support will help to build more friendships, connect more families, and create more joy for kids affected by childhood cancer in communities across Ontario."